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  • What is Video Marketing?

  • Importance of YouTube Marketing

  • Create a YouTube Channel

  • How to Create another YouTube Channel with one Gmail ID?

  • What Is a Channel Icon?

  • Why Is Your Channel Icon Important?

  • Channel Icon Best Practices

  • What is Channel Art?

  • Why is Channel Art Important?

  • Channel Art Best Practices

  • What Is a Channel Description?

  • Why Is Your Channel Description Important?

  • Channel Description Best Practices

  • What Is a Channel Trailer?

  • Why Is a Channel Trailer Important?

  • Channel Trailer Best Practices

  • Create Videos for YouTubeWhat Is a Thumbnail?

  • Why Are Thumbnails Important?

  • YouTube Thumbnail Best Practices

  • Optimize Your YouTube Videos

  • What Is Video Keyword Research?

  • Why Is Keyword Research Important for a YouTube Channel?

  • How to Find Keywords for YouTube Videos

  • YouTube Video Title

  • Why Is Video Title Important?

  • Video Title Best Practices

  • Optimize Your Title for CTR

  • What Is a Video Description?

  • Why Is Your Description Important?

  • Video Description Best Practices

  • What Are Video Tags?

  • Why are Tags Important?

  • Video Tags Best Practices

  • What are Playlists?

  • Why are Playlists Important?

  • Playlists Best PracticesRank Videos in Google & YouTube

  • Traffic Sources

  • Revenue sources

  • How to set up your YouTube channel to earn money

  • Other Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Facilities & Softwares & Certifications

  • LIVE Youtube Video Ranking Case Study

  • Nct Certifications Government Approved

  • Youtube Asset Monetization Certificate By Google

  • Youtube Content Ownership Certificate By Google

  • Youtube Creative Essentials Certificate By Google

  • Youtube Music Certification Certificate By Google

  • Youtube Channel Growth Certificate By Google



  • Thumblain Blaster App

  • Animoto (1 Year)

  • And Many More


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